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Raisng Money - Informational Video

Raising Money - Legally --  Bruce Methven  

Raising Money Legally

by Bruce Methven

Now available on for Kindle at $39.99. 

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California Business and Securities Attorneys Methven & Associates

Methven & Associates is a law firm practicing law for businesses and individuals located in or doing some business in California, or with an issue involving federal law (trademarks, copyrights, etc.).

Our clients' businesses range in size from individuals and an entrepreneurs' first start-ups through large multinational corporations. We provide legal advice and representation regarding contracts, corporations, LLC's, LLP's, partnerships, licenses, confidentiality agreements, leases, real estate investment, estates and probates, and related litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Although we do many things, we specialize in businesses involved with intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, computers, internet, multimedia, publishing, electronic commerce, and trade secrets. Read more about our services.

Learn how to raise money without violating the law at our Securities Law blog.

If you think we can help you with your business case, securities issue, intellectual property, or some other legal matter, please contact us.


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